SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

ServerHosting SSL Certificates

ServerHosting Internet takes all the hassle out of getting your new server or web hosting account enabled for SSL encrypted web transactions with our ServerHosting SSL Certificates. We will process and install the SSL certificate on your server, removing any additional steps or work on your part. With so many confusing offers on the Internet today from unknown SSL certificate providers ServerHosting Internet simplifies everything with our ServerHosting SSL Certificates – over 99% compatible with all web browsers today, and our simplified order and installation process you can not go wrong.

A ServerHosting SSL certificate gives you all this:

  • Quick and easy to install and renew.
  • Domain name validation
  • Up to 256-bit encryption
  • 99% of web browsers supported.

About SSL certificates

An SSL certificate is tied to a particular domain name and allows the visitors to verify your site’s identity when using HTTPS. SSL certificates are considered mandatory for any e-commerce sites, as well as any online activity where encryption and validation is important.

An example of an SSL certificate in action is for our personal backups solution.

Protect your visitors

Your visitors need to feel safe that the personal information they give you will be handled securely before making a purchase, and if they don’t they won’t buy. An SSL certificate from Fasthosts is essential to establishing that trust and boosting the success of your online business.